Thursday, October 20, 2011

Huge Update; Junior Year so far + Summer

Junior Year so Far;
This is my turn around model sheet for my self caricature lip sync I will be doing next semester. I'll be modeling this bad boy over winter break! I hope it uploads in high res because i spent a long time on the textures! I think it could look a little bit more like me, and develop the hands into a more cartoony/simplified form, but i'm sure Stevie Lewis' critique will help with that :) 
Thanks Stevie~

As far as animations go, here are the two first warm up assignments for the year!

First is a silhouette assignment, I think I took away "cheating things to camera" the most from this project, to make this more easily readable;

Then a "waiting" assignment; It was great learning how less poses are more, and I still wish I did less, but besides that I think a little less straw chewing and a bit more sipping should be in order.

Last Summer;
I had an amazing summer, I got to intern at a wonderful studio called Element X Creative, who were very kind and offered me an internship, visit Paris and participate in the Gobleins Summer Program, and do two 11 second club assignments; Finally! :D

In reverse order, Here is one of the 11 second club assignments; I got an amazing critique after this submit from "Q" and Aaron Wernts over at EXC and I'm hopping i'll have the time to use it! I need to remove the pose where he hits the table and keeping him at the monitor so it dose not feel forced. I also agree with the online critiques that the lip sync was off. So hopefully i get to fix those things before i put it in my reel this year. (Placed 23/195)

Before that I went to Paris for the Gobleins Summer Program; It was an amazing experience, and really opened my eyes to a global view on animation, from my limited knowledge in the states. I made lots of good international friends, learned a lot, and experience a fabulous country!

My and my new Brazilian friend Humberto R. (awesome animator btw)

And the first thing I did this Summer;
Element X Creative internship and books! 

I read two great books this summer; 
Creating Characters with Personality by Tom Bancroft, a great short and sweet book with several sweet styles and explanations for fluid character design and economy. I highly recommend this cheap book!

and a book written by two of my professors here at Ringling College*,

Ideas for the Short Animation by Gary Schumer*, Karen Sullivan*, and Kate Alexander. It's a hefty book with a lot of repeat information in the front for Ringling students but a good long read. I still need to finish a few chapters, but I liked it!

Element X Creative
, is a very cool and down to Earth Studio with a lot of great people located in down town Dallas, I learned a lot from them and I am eternally grateful for this great first experience that I hope opens many doors.

I assisted in creating run cycles for several characters, that the animators could later on use in their shots, and not have to worry about the locomotion. My favorite feat I did here was animating a biped running as a quadruped in less then half a day! I've never done a quadruped run before so i was dying to try it out and did it, the day before I left to Paris, walking out the door! :)

The other thing that I am very proud of from this summer, and most proud of everything I have ever done, is the best animation I have ever created! Thank you guys at EXC for all the great help. Unfortunately I can't post it online, but you can see it in my Demo Reel. It's the other 11 second club animation I did (I was unable to submit it for the competition since i did not have the rights to the rig).


All Righty! Thanks for the time, I hope I can do more updates like this, I think this style of huge uploads and abbreviations works better for me and is more fun!
Soon to come, my progress and final animation and development of my PushPull Assignment! C: