Thursday, December 8, 2011

Drama - Formula 1 Giraffes in Arabia

It's that wonderful time of year again, where all the animal/Formula-1 racers have an around the world race, and in the lead is #12, Giraffe, Leading by a neck!

So, warm light and cool shadows, and the temperature on local colors was a brutal endeavor, but I came out a better artist! :)

Push Pull Exaggerated - Jimmy Grand

You don't how much you don't know till you know it.
Thank you so much Billy Merritt/Paul Downs for your great advice/suggestions.
This exercise really drilled in spacing, arcs, and line of action for me, as well as helped me expand on learning the difficulties of polish. Good Times.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Push Pull Natural - Jimmy Grand

I learned quite a bit from this project, like about how one way of conveying weight is letting things slowly slide, or not letting things budge at all, or the importance of shoulder strain which I feel I could of done more on, and choosing what would lead and follow to best describe the pain of the weight. It was a real back and fourth project the whole way, but in the end I really feel like I took some big steps in my modeling, and learned a lot of not-to-do's in blendshapes and weighting/rigging.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

In a Jam - Animatic

Great experience, wish i had more time to milk the sincere moments (had to be <1m).
I'm glad i finally did a serious piece over a comedy, It was really difficult and I had an epiphany moment about the little gestures that connect between characters and let you empathize with them (aka the rubbing the door does).

DFA B&W Illustration

This was our "Valueables" project for Drawing For Animators, It was great learning and observing how to use value to control the viewers attention, but more importantly where to take it away to control interest.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Captain Fantastic - Animatic

Here is an Animatic of mine I did this year,
I never thought of posting these till two people told me they liked it, so here it is!
It was cool seeing how to make every shot flow and try to connect seamlessly, while trying to make an understandable and entertaining story.

(Music from Cowboy Bebop OST - Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Huge Update; Junior Year so far + Summer

Junior Year so Far;
This is my turn around model sheet for my self caricature lip sync I will be doing next semester. I'll be modeling this bad boy over winter break! I hope it uploads in high res because i spent a long time on the textures! I think it could look a little bit more like me, and develop the hands into a more cartoony/simplified form, but i'm sure Stevie Lewis' critique will help with that :) 
Thanks Stevie~

As far as animations go, here are the two first warm up assignments for the year!

First is a silhouette assignment, I think I took away "cheating things to camera" the most from this project, to make this more easily readable;

Then a "waiting" assignment; It was great learning how less poses are more, and I still wish I did less, but besides that I think a little less straw chewing and a bit more sipping should be in order.

Last Summer;
I had an amazing summer, I got to intern at a wonderful studio called Element X Creative, who were very kind and offered me an internship, visit Paris and participate in the Gobleins Summer Program, and do two 11 second club assignments; Finally! :D

In reverse order, Here is one of the 11 second club assignments; I got an amazing critique after this submit from "Q" and Aaron Wernts over at EXC and I'm hopping i'll have the time to use it! I need to remove the pose where he hits the table and keeping him at the monitor so it dose not feel forced. I also agree with the online critiques that the lip sync was off. So hopefully i get to fix those things before i put it in my reel this year. (Placed 23/195)

Before that I went to Paris for the Gobleins Summer Program; It was an amazing experience, and really opened my eyes to a global view on animation, from my limited knowledge in the states. I made lots of good international friends, learned a lot, and experience a fabulous country!

My and my new Brazilian friend Humberto R. (awesome animator btw)

And the first thing I did this Summer;
Element X Creative internship and books! 

I read two great books this summer; 
Creating Characters with Personality by Tom Bancroft, a great short and sweet book with several sweet styles and explanations for fluid character design and economy. I highly recommend this cheap book!

and a book written by two of my professors here at Ringling College*,

Ideas for the Short Animation by Gary Schumer*, Karen Sullivan*, and Kate Alexander. It's a hefty book with a lot of repeat information in the front for Ringling students but a good long read. I still need to finish a few chapters, but I liked it!

Element X Creative
, is a very cool and down to Earth Studio with a lot of great people located in down town Dallas, I learned a lot from them and I am eternally grateful for this great first experience that I hope opens many doors.

I assisted in creating run cycles for several characters, that the animators could later on use in their shots, and not have to worry about the locomotion. My favorite feat I did here was animating a biped running as a quadruped in less then half a day! I've never done a quadruped run before so i was dying to try it out and did it, the day before I left to Paris, walking out the door! :)

The other thing that I am very proud of from this summer, and most proud of everything I have ever done, is the best animation I have ever created! Thank you guys at EXC for all the great help. Unfortunately I can't post it online, but you can see it in my Demo Reel. It's the other 11 second club animation I did (I was unable to submit it for the competition since i did not have the rights to the rig).


All Righty! Thanks for the time, I hope I can do more updates like this, I think this style of huge uploads and abbreviations works better for me and is more fun!
Soon to come, my progress and final animation and development of my PushPull Assignment! C:

Friday, April 8, 2011

Modeling - Robie

Thanks Paul for all the Lighting help and crash course in lighting.
This is a Nurbs modeling project Sophomore year here at Ringling

Flat Portfolio - 2011

DemoReel 2011 - Animation

Here is my first Demo Reel, Sophomore Year (2010-11) @ Ringling College - Computer Animation

Reel Break Down:
1) Animation
2) Everything
3) Animation
4) Animation
5) Everything
6) Animation
7) Everything
8) Gorilla char. design and animation